Breakfast Crew, The
Forest for the Trees
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The Breakfast Crew is a SI:3+ intellect with multiple instantiations located in the N-Gamma Ivadi system with a large number of helper-instantiations of lower intellect.

They appear to be working solely on an artifact they have dubbed, "The Breakfast", apparently after an old advertising campaign whose tagline was, "Data - not just for breakfast anymore!"

The information is apparently stored in a highly encrypted form within the damaged hulk of what appears to be a jupiter brain node of a type previously unknown, although there are some slight (<5% correspondance) structural similarities with occasional diamond-belt AI jupiter nodes. Some of this information has allowed for the Breakfast Crew's hiring of linelayers from several systems as well as top-of-the-line empledokcetric shielding surrounding the Breakfast. No details of the decoding process has been known to have been released at this time, but large datavolumes are available at surprisingly low prices covering many topics of interest, including but not limited to scattered data on pre-Technocalypse Sol, the development of memetics, relatively early breakthroughs in nanotech, etc. If the Breakfast contains information on so-called GodTech, the Crew is not saying.

Some sophonts have speculated that this node was damaged/abandoned during the Version War, others that a subset of the being's other nodes ascended to a higher toposophic and accidentally or deliberately left behind this treasure trove. Others indicate that the Breakfast Crew are the real source of this information, but the fact of an unidentified object of approximately the correct mass was detected by the Argus Array approximately 350 years ago in the target system.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 08 October 2001.