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The Bovidae, a diverse family of terragen ungulate herbivores that includes buffalo, cattle, antelopes, and other related forms. A number of bovid species have been provolved, including cattle, gnu, goats and sheep. Most bovid provolves live in the Utopia Sphere, but a large population live in the Biopolity, and many antelope species live on Ambroseli.

Bovid splices and rianths are not uncommon across the galaxy, especially in association with lower baseline and near-baseline humans (the moldie-tweaked "Bull" for example is a popular andromorph Erotogen).

An interesting and characteristic bovid/humanoid rianth is the minotaur, specially modeled after an Old Earth myth. A significant population of minotaurs live in the Ivonya-Ngia system, often employed as security guards and personal trainers.
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    Gengineered terragen bovids (Ovis neotonis neospecies group) resembling juvenile sheep, which have their personalities and physiologies tweaked for maximum adorability (according to the Standard Baseline Personality Matrix). They cannot survive in the wild and require constant care. Some lambies are subsapient, some presapient, and some fully sapient; with the last category provided with full speech capability ("talking lambies"). Talking lambies usually have vocal apparatus approximating that of an 8 to 10 year old baseline human child.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 October 2001.