Bounty Runner
A small phyle of beings of varying toposophic levels whose single phyle-wide aspect is their enjoyment of outsmarting and disadvantaging bounty hunters.

These beings, ranging from small-mouthed anarchists to fanatic pacifists to those considered 'insane' in most polities, consider it a 'sport' to obtain a bounty against them either through direct action, the altering of their selves to appear as a bounty's target (or, sometimes, a subtly altered version thereof), or making a lucrative handshake deal with a large bounty-approving polity. These beings then take the assigned or voluntary bounty hunters on a hellacious chase through the best obstacles money and time can buy. Their goal is not escape, but rather to turn the tables on the bounty hunter and capture or destruction thereof. There are rumours of a hidden support organization of members waiting for their turn to Run (as they call it) which current Runners can call on for assistance.
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Development Notes
Text by John B
Initially published on 08 October 2001.