Bimodal Toposophy

Transapients invert
Image from Bernd Helfert

The condition that results when the augmented or advanced part of a sentient rises to a higher toposophic level, while the original personality remains at or just above baseline, with its own brain thinking at SI:<1 level.

Bimodals can be considered a symbiotic pair. The S>=1 portion needing an interface to humans and the SI:<1 portion that eventually will realize it has a direct connection to a higher being.

Conflicts can arise when there is a difference of interests. SI:1 Bob may want to do some quixotic thing like travel to the Riemond 5 Nebula to study the local neo-von neumann deep-space life ecologies, while baseline Bob wants to say with his family in their comfortable orbital-based habitation module. In these cases the dividual may create a "remote" for the S>=1 portion and allow existential bifurcation for short periods of time. Travel via wormhole gate, do what needs to be done, and return home quickly. Often this is uncomfortable for "both" parties since they're so used to living as one.
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Text by Pran Mukherjee
Initially published on 08 October 2001.