The seeds of many Omegist traditions emerged as part of the great cultural and spiritual flowering of the early First Federation. In 1260 AT Mahara Benisol posted the first section of her classic virch The Bridged Abyss, dealing with the Omega Point and the manifest destiny of intelligence in growing into omniscience, omnipotence and closure. It became the core of much of modern eschatology.

Benisolism is the omegist philosophy of Mahara Benisol. While, according to transingularity philosophers, it lacks the insights of some of the posthuman and hyperturing eschatologists of centuries to come, there is no denying the tremendous influence Benisolism had on all later eschatology, be it near-baseline, modosophont, superbright or transingularitarian. Without the Benisolist foundation, it is likely that eschatology as a science would have been centuries behind, or would now be a science we would not even recognize.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 October 2001.