Ban of Silence, The
This Hider clade has publicly announced its goal of preventing powerful signals from leaving the known galaxy, regardless of the cost, for fear of drawing attention of beings with technology beyond Terragen ken. They are adamant in their belief of the threat posed by such beings as the supposed Dawn Hunters and the Leviathan.

The Ban has claimed responsibility for several setbacks encountered by the Seekers, and have warned all personnel not directly related to the Seeker movement that activity, either physical or through the Known Net, involved in the Seeker's system, will carry a significant risk.

There is significant uncertainty of this clade's origins and composition. There is some evidence that this is a baseline-only organization, but the likelihood of such a clade's successful repeat operations is exceedingly small. No member of this clade have been caught in a state conducive to post-mortem interrogation.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 31 December 2007.