Ares Heavy Lifting
Ares Heavy Lifting
Image from Steve Bowers
Three Ares Heavy Lifting cargo ships launch from Mars in the Late Interplanetary Age.
Ares Heavy Lifting Inc. was one of the big corporate conglomerates to develop on Mars during the Interplanetary Age.

Originally a manufacturer of Interplanetary Heavy Lift vehicles, it diversified into a wide range of industries. Major divisions and subsidiaries such as Ares Space, Ares Genomics (specializing in Martian terraforming tech) and Ares Global Virtualtainment made the parent company a healthy profit in aerospace, entertainment, biotech and many other areas. A wide-ranging business empire, Ares extended its interests through minor subsidiaries into such diverse markets as simsense, utilities, fashion, phenotech, automotive engineering, and scientific research, with a number of offices on Earth, L5, Luna, and Ceres. By the late 3rd century AT, the megacorp had become a symbol of planetary pride, holding its own against such formidable rivals as Lee Interorbital, GeneTEK, Hyperion Interplanetary, High Frontier Industries, Adaptive Nanosystems, and Neotek.

Despite its far-flung empire and AI guidance, the corporation did not survive the Technocalypse of 565 AT.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 07 October 2001.