Sandberg, Anders

Information Age transhumanist, visionary, computational neuroscientist, and fabulist. An important popularizer of a number of Transhumanist memes; influential among the early biopunks and singularitists. Experimented with a number of early wetware augmentations.

In the early Interplanetary Age, as AI became more widespread, there was a short resurgence of interest in Information Age futurists. Evocations of a few of these individuals were created, including one of Anders Sandberg, called the Anders Persona.

During the middle Interplanetary Age a group of orbital crypto-transhumanists elected a copy of the Anders Persona as their chief. Observers said this was not meant to be taken seriously, but the members of the group claimed otherwise. Although the group was short-lived, a few Anders personas, modified so as to have sophonce, were still around well into the First Federation period, having survived the Technocalypse.

Some time during the early-middle First Federation period, several Anders personas merged with a number of other AIs and personas, commandeered an "Explorer Class" amat-drive probe and made for the Carina Region. According to controversial evidence found in Feinstein 1 by the Andian mission they might have attained transapience. A local alife civilization calling itself the Echir-{n} claims to have been created by the passing ship several thousand years ago, although the reason for this remains unknown even to the Echir-{n}.

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    [1] The art of storytelling.
    [2] The art of creating mixtures of fiction and reality in order to entertain, confuse, perform ontological sabotage or educate.
    [3] Ideology or view that promotes fabulism in the second sense as a way of life, hiding ones real life behind a layer of disinformation, deliberate myths and rumours. Fabulism in this sense is sometimes a reaction against rigid and panoptical societies, sometimes a way of self expression or self creation.
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