Generic term for an extremely wide range of utopian government types, with the common feature being that superbright and hyperturing supervised use of chemicals and modulators are used to make the citizens more altruistic than they would otherwise be. Therefore otherwise impractical forms of altruistic government and society actually work. A distinction can be made between Mandatory Altrucracy - in which impatient ais deliberately enforce such a regime to ensure the sapients under their care behave themselves, and Optional Altrucacy, in which mostly tweak, erogenist, and dionysian based societies use mood-optimizing biotech to make their polity more pleasant. Mandatory Altrucracy is not as widely used as some forms of ai- and transapient supervision, as this method is considered to blunt the natural sapient creativity and spontaneity. However some Optional Altrucratic polities like New Shambala and Communion Alpha are quite successful.
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Text by Michael Beck and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 10 September 2001.