Advection of Pure Drylines
Avection of Pure Drylines
Image from Steve Bowers
Neo-Taoist cloud art by Advection of Pure Drylines in the cloudscapes of Qinglong
Mirrored Owl swarm-nets of note, an inhabitant of Qinglong in the Penglai system during the 4000's. Advection exists as a symbiotic distributed entity, hosted by artificial lifeforms designed to thrive in the atmosphere of Qinglong. These creatures are free-living organisms, a few centimetres across, in the water-vapour clouds of this temperate ice giant world. Individually these creatures (known as flitters) are not sentient, but they provide enough excess energy to support the Mirrored Owl swarm net and associated data-processing.

Advection introduced neotaoist ideas into eir cloud art (up until then the Owls had been fairly uninterested in the local philosophies), creating a series of highly influential artworks that both created a long era of neotaoist-inspired atmospheric art and interested the non-Owls in the practice.
Qinglong with its terraformed moon, Penglai
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Updated by Steve Bowers 2020
Initially published on 31 December 2001.