51 Peg planet
A planet, that shows orbital periods shorter than 15 terran days. These were among the first extrasolar planets discovered by Terragen astronomers, during the pre-singularity period (early Information Age). Included in this category are 51 Peg itself, Tau Bootis, 55 Cancri, and Upsilon Andromedae, which have orbital periods of just 4.2, 3.3, 14.7 and 4.6 days, respectively. The orbits are all small, with radii less than 0.1 A.U. They commonly range in mass from 0.44 Jupiters (for 51 Peg) to 3.64 Jupiters (Tau Bootis). They move in circular or near-circular orbits.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 14 June 2002.