Illustrated backstory
The old transapients, like the First Federation and Solsys, are also eventually surpassed and outclassed. Many new beings have, like GAIA, achieved a second Singularity, and are as powerful and incomprehensible to the first transapients as the first transapients were to humanity. Other similar Singularities are to follow. The resultant godlike beings create artificial wormholes, making it possible to cross interstellar distances in mere weeks or months without breaking the laws of physics. Some of those who have achieved the fourth or higher singularity, known as the Archailects, create enormous star-spanning "empires" of related cultures. Of these, the most important to humans and other ordinary Terragens are the Sephirotics, some of them the descendants and followers of the ancient pro-human transapients of Solsys. With some rare exceptions such as the Version War, those societies under the direction of these benign forces are extraordinarily prosperous and peaceful. Under the protective angelnets of the Sephirotics, subsingularity beings live in luxurious autotopias where virtually every desire is satisfied, and where the rare case of poverty or injury is a matter of choice rather than chance.