Illustrated backstory
Not all are content with the Sephirotics' paradise. In the cracks and borders between the Archailect empires, in reserves and free zones, in feral regions and no-go spaces, and in the vast and barely settled expanses of the Outer Volumes, thrill-seekers and fortune-hunters, fringers and outlaws, colonists and pilgrims, lunatics and eccentrics seek adventure or freedom, or struggle merely to survive. Beyond the sway of civilization there are forces as great as the Sephirotic Archailects themselves. The mysterious and ancient cultures founded by the Ahuman and Anti-human powers remain, and have produced great Archailects of their own, some rumoured to surpass the most powerful of the Sephirotic transapients. There are blights and perversions that might yet destroy or corrupt the entire Terragen sphere, Sephirotic and non-Sephirotic alike. Other beings, perhaps more potent and subtle yet, the product of xenosophont civilizations that were old when Old Earth itself was young, still move between the stars, their origins and purposes unknown. It is more than ten thousand years since the first Terragens left Old Earth, but for some the adventure is just beginning.