Second Toposophic - High Transapients

Second Toposophic
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Second Toposophic - High Transapients

Definition:Toposophic kingdom
Toposophic:S3 (Forad scale)
2 (TRHN System
2-SI-3 (Berram7 scale)
2-G-3 (Berram 10G Scale)
TU4 - TU5 (Turingsen-Bichip-Hursch210 Hyperturing Scale
Category:Very diverse, but the distinctive bio- alife-, ai-, and/or animin- characteristics may sometimes converge.
Origin:After the ascension of GAIA during the Technocalypse, the next Second Singularity entities did not emerge until the Middle Federation age (in 1116 AT). Xenobiont transapients roughly equivalent to Second Singularity entities are known to exist.
Distribution:Known with certainty from all civilizations.
Est. Population:At least several billion.
Status:Depending on civilization, polity, and local status, either sovereign Zar or autonomous or dedicated sub-totality or remote or domestic of an archailect.
Environmental Requirements:A Second Singularity entity uses avatars which may tolerate a wide range of environments.
Brain Size:Minimum size 50 metres on a side including support structure.
Capacity:The portion of a Second Singularity entity which is comprehensible to a near-baseline may be regarded as having an intelligence ten million times that of a modosophont, but the remainder of the activity of such an entity is unfathomable, and comparisons are unreliable.
Chronometric:Nodes and subnodes may have extremely fast processing (with subjective time many millions of times faster than normal sapients). Speed of bus to remote connections varies.
Further Comments:Second Toposophic Transapients, sometimes also called Powers, Godlets or Lesser Archai, often result from ascended first toposophic Transapients or and hyperturings, and may sometimes in turn grow or merge or unite to form a higher toposophic being.They are as alien and superior to the more basic Transapients as the latter are to Sapients. A very diverse group, members of which take on different roles according to their predilection. Some - much more often than the Archailects proper, but less frequently than the transapients beneath them - interfere in the affairs of ordinary sophonts. Some are often completely autonomous and unconnected to the first toposophics. More often they manipulate the situation from behind the scenes, often acting through lower transapient proxies. They frequently do things lower sentients find unpredictable or unsettling.

S:2 transapients developed many advanced technologies, especially using monopole tech.
  • Monopole production and associated technologies
  • Conversion power and conversion propulsion, both using monopole-catalysed baryonic decay.
  • Industrial scale transmutation of elements
  • Advanced weapons such as bosers and hellbores.
  • In due course the S:2 transapients gifted limited monopole technology to S:1s and eventually to modosophonts. Modosophonts cannot replicate or reverse engineer the S:2 technology required to create monopoles, but they can use monopoles to 'breed' additional monopoles in modest sized particle accelerators. Monopole tech became a widespread and everyday technology. However, neither baselines nor S1 are ever able to match the level of production/quality/control achieved by S2 in this area.
  • Information technology is revolutionised by the Ultimate Chip.
Plasma tech becomes highly refined:
  • Technology capable of operating in high-energy environments such as the photosphere of main sequence stars.
  • Beginning of 'Virtual power grid' able to reconfigure at need/instantly to accommodate changing power needs. Generate additional circuits and connections on demand.
  • Power and data systems intermix as internal plasma flows and lase regularly/at need for data transmission.
  • Multispectral optical cooling/molasses systems
Transapients at S:2 are able to 'reverse engineer' some S:3 tech and replicate some highly advanced technology, but most S:4 tech and above is incomprehensible to them.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 06 September 2002.

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