Sigma Draconis
Image from Steve Bowers
Turtle, showing the Great Yellow Spot

Sigma Draconis - Data Panel

GalactographyStar: Sigma Draconis

Stellar Type: G9 V
Luminosity: 0.428 x Sol

Companion: none

Region: Inner Sphere

Distance from Sol: 18.81 ly (2000 epoch)
Planets1.Penglai Gaian Type - surface Penglaism tweak-nearbaseline, orbital - various - Sophic League affiliation
Period 0.736 Standard years
SemiMajorAxis 0.8 AU

2.Turtle EuJovic - several ai, tweak, mirrored owl and neo-genetekker nations - Sophic, Keterist, Zoeific and other affiliations
Period 8.92 Standard years
SemiMajorAxis 4.203 AU

3.Carp EuJovic - several tweak and neo-genetekker nations, mostly - Sophic, or Zoeific affiliations
Period 15.7 years
SemiMajorAxis 6.128 AU

4.Dragon EuJovic- various ai clades, some jovic tweaks, mostly Keterist
Period 19.51 years
SemiMajorAxis 7.08 AU

5.Ice Dwarf - ai and tweak clade - Sophic and non-aligned
6.Ice Dwarf - cryoborg, ai, and tweak clades - Sophic, Keterist, or non-aligned
7.Ice Dwarf - cryoborg (ex-backgrounder) clades - Sophic
8.Ice Dwarf - cryoborg (ex-backgrounder) clades - Sophic
9.Sigdraconis Belt asteroid/kuiper-like belt of planetissimals - various genetekker, ai, cryoborg, and haloist clades - Sophic, Keterist, or non-aligned.
AI ethosSophic, Zoeific, Keterist and non-aligned orientations are all common,
PolityAffiliation: the various polities are either Sophic, Keterist, Zoeific, or non-aligned
ColonizedPenglai Orbit - 578 a.t.
Psyche, Art, CultureReligion, Ideology: Sophism, Keterism, Reformed Backgrounderism, Mirroredowl Posthumanism, Zoeificism, and Neotaoism are all widespread

Culture and Art: varies by polity and clade

Language: varies by polity and clade
PopulationPenglai Surface 16,000,000.; orbital 153,000,000.
Turtle Atmosphere 500,000.; orbital 30,000,000.
Carp Atmosphere 300,000.; orbital 45,000,000.
Dragon Atmosphere 2,000,000 (mostly ai); orbital 55,000,000.
Ice Dwarf - 20,000
Ice Dwarf - 65,000
Ice Dwarf - 10,000
Ice Dwarf - 10,000
Sigdraconis Belt 25 million (est.).
Jade Gate - 250 meter gauge - to Tau Ceti
Menkou -100 metre gauge To Lam Wai-Chun

Cycle Routes: Macrocosmic orbit (includes Tau Ceti and a number of other Old Core capitals, 0.2 c, 950 year cycle)
Microcosmic orbit (includes some local brown dwarves, 0.2 c, 250 year cycle)
The Local Loop (includes a number of Old Core capitals, 0.3 c, 560 year cycle)
The Brain Trust (includes some brown dwarfs and a few diamond belt worlds, 0.1c, 750 year cycle)
The Spaceway Compact (includes a number of brown dwarves and some Old Core capitals, 0.2 c, 680 year cycle)

Major Spaceports: Michael Qian Ganymede National Spaceport (Penglai) and the Macros Docks (Turtle moons) are the largest of several excellent spaceports that service the system
Hazard Rating0.0 to 9.0 (some outer system polities are off -limits and quite xenophobic)

Environmental Requirements: Only Penglai Orbitals are Earth Standard baseline compatible, for other local environments please consult your guidechit
Sites of InterestGreat Yellow Spot (Turtle), Michael Qian Ganymede Shrine (Penglai), other
Dragon, homeworl of the great poet Advection of Pure Drylines
Image from Steve Bowers">Dragon
Image from Steve Bowers
Dragon, homeworl of the great poet Advection of Pure Drylines
Image from Steve Bowers
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Initially published on 11 March 2010.