Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart
Image from Steve Bowers

One of the three Capitals of the Sophic League; the other two being Ararat and New Taylor. The Sacred Heart System is not a large system. It has only three planets and no moons, but the sheer magnitude of its lone inhabited planet-city (also named Sacred Heart) is staggering. Sacred Heart is a mercurian type planet located in the Praesepe region, and became part of the Sophic League in 3234, in the aftermath of the Taurus Nexus breakup. At that time, the Sophic League absorbed many systems, Sacred Heart being one of them. Sacred Heart, the dominant planet, is considered one of the largest and most impressive city engulfed planets in the entire known galaxy. The usual hustle and bustle of a city is replaced by a roar and thundering of a megapolis.

Sacred Heart was brought from being a backward and poorly terraformed world with a lone interstellar catapult, in the 3200s to a thriving city-planet with a full 16 wormholes and another eight in transit by 4150. The terraforming was never properly managed and the project was finally abandoned. Fortunately, not many came to enjoy the natural biosphere of Sacred Heart; most are on business business which does not involve spending time outdoors.

An important factor in its densely population was that it was one of the Sophic systems that kept its wormholes open for refugees during the Version War. Several billions immigrated to the system and later stayed, creating a very cosmopolitan, if a bit crowded and messy, world. Since then it has been one of the great melting pots of the Wormhole Nexus, .

The entire planet of Sacred Heart is covered with buildings and structures, except for a few historical areas, which are protected by large biodomes. The buildings are at such a high density that it is impractical and dangerous to demolish any structures (even with nanotech). Instead of demolishing previous structures, new buildings are simply built on top of old ones, or are incorporated into the old structures. This creates a market of extremely high property prices at the top levels, and the levels become progressively cheaper the farther one goes down. At the bottom levels, most places are like virtual warzones of gang warfare and the home of the black market. Sacred Heart is surrounded by a number of large-scale spaceports and an orbital band (around the planet Sacred Heart) is in the beginning phases of construction.
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Text by D. David Barbeau
Initially published on 04 March 2001.