Tau Ceti (planetary system)

Home system of the first successful extrasolar human colony.

Tau Ceti Planets
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Tau Ceti - Data Panel

System:Tau Ceti
Primary:Tau Ceti
Stellar Type:G8Vp
Region:Inner Sphere Old Core, Sol Sector (11.9 light-years from Sol)
HephaestusOrbit: 0.1AU
Mass: 2x Earth
Type: Vesperian (tidally locked)
Mostly of Unity allegiance, although there are some Silicon Generation habitats in orbit.
AphroditeOrbit: 0.195 AU
Mass: 3.1 x Earth
Type: Supercytherian (superVenus)
Cloudharvester community, mostly ai, cyborg, and bionts of the regional superpower Unity. Communion of Worlds Allegiance.
PoseidonOrbit: 0.374 AU
Mass: 3.6 x Earth
Type: Pyrohydrothalassic (Hot water world)
Some Zoeific Biopolity affiliation, with several highly tweaked Genen clades
ElysiaOrbit: 0.55 AU
Mass: 4.3 x Earth
Type: Supergaian (Massive Earth-like terrestrial)
Mostly Unity affiliation. Has an extensive orbital belt aligned with the Sophic League
Nova TerraOrbit: 0.78 AU AU
Mass: 1.12 x Earth
Type: Eugaian Gaian (Terraformed, originally EoGaian)
Mediacratic NoCoZo, su, heteromorphic, and tweak planetary population and extensive orbitals bands more details here
TartarusOrbit: 1.35 AU
Mass: 6.8 x Earth
Type: Gas Dwarf
Mostly Unity affiliation; the moon Persephone was considered the sect's second home after they were exiled from Nova.
Beamrider booster station with links to the Deeper Covenant.
Ceti asteroid beltLarge and comparatively dense debris belt between ten and fifty-five AU from the star. Much of the belt has been claimed by the Newterran orbitals, but there is a strong Alliance element
Major orbiting habitatsBernal Spheres: Groucho, Harpo, Queen Tracy
Asteroid colonies: Chico, Zeppo, Gummo, Time-Disney, Cuchulhain, Thoreau, Mebd, Excelsior,
Dyson Trees: Nader, Lovelock, Carson
O'Neill Cylinders: Finn Mac Cumhaill, Conchobor, Emer
Freesphere: Exuberance
Stanford Tori: Unity Station
Tau Ceti Orbits
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AIAI overseers: varies by world and polity (the ancient colony world, Nova Terra, is aligned with the NoCoZo and has no single ruling transapient faction
Psyche, Art, CultureMetapsychology: varies by clade and polity

Metaethics: varies by clade and polity

Religion and Ideology: varies by clade and polity

Culture and Art: varies by clade and polity

Language: varies by clade and polity, although Anglic dialects are widely spoken
Einstein Gate to Solsys (NoCoZo affiliation)
Mutual Benefit - to Zeta I Reticuli (NoCoZo affiliation)
Jade Gate to Penglai.
Akiyoshidai to Djed.

Cycler Routes: several Beamrider connections especially near Tartarus

Hazard Rating: varies by world and polity

Visa Restrictions: varies by world and polity

Freedom of Movement: varies by world and polity; the outer worlds are fairly restricted, due to Backgrounder secrecy

Environmental Requirements: Novaterra and many orbitals are baseline hu environmentally compatible. Some other colonies will require environment suits.
Nova Terra again
Image from Steve Bowers
Nova Terra, the oldest human colony outside the Solar System

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