Nu Puppis
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Nu Puppis before modification

Satyaloka - Data Panel

Star:Nu Puppis
Stellar Type:B8
Luminosity:1340 x Sol
Distance from Sol:371 ly
Affiliation:Sophic League Toposophic Capital

Brilliant, rapidly spinning B type star in the Sophic League. In the Age of Establishment it became the main node for the Blessed One.

The system has been heavily re-engineered and starlifted, with some of the lifted material converted into a large number of Matrioshka Micronodes. Many of these nodes contain a innumerable interconnected virtual universes and heavens.

The rest of the lifted material has been used for wormhole construction and the construction of other infrastructure, including godtech for export.

A series of wormhole links connect the system to other high toposophic node worlds in the Sophic League. In contrast to the three "traditional" Sophic capitals of Ararat, New Taylor, and Sacred Heart, Satyaloka is off-limits to ordinary sophonts and low transapients, but sometimes even a simple baseline will be blessed by being allowed to visit, if they have shown themselves to be of sufficient purity and spiritual innocence.

[see also The Three and the One, and The Transcension of Andapuyaran]

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    Cosmogenic metaphor based on Sophic League capitals. The Three are Ararat, New Taylor, and Sacred Heart, three worlds that take turns as being the capital of the League. The One is Satyaloka, the AI God primary node and dyson shells that is the center of the high toposophic Sophic Minds. Satyaloka is described as "the first manifestation" or "heaven" from which emanate the three qualities of embodied existence (gunas or tattwas) as represented by the three sophic capitals, which represent the mutable and cyclic embodied existence (each world in turn is the capital for a while).
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 December 2001.