Neuts with no sexual desires whatsoever

Image from Steve Bowers

Many terragen organisms (such as lower animals, plants, and microbes) are asexual and reproduce by vegetative propagation, by parthenogenesis or by fission. Numerous alien species of all kinds reproduce asexually, as do certain xenosophonts.

Some terragen sophonts choose to be completely asexual, and use bodysculpting to remove any sexual attributes. In general asexuals feel that sexuality is too complex and problematic, and prefer to simply avoid the 'problem' altogether. Asexuals are a subdivison of the commonly recognised gender neut, and are defined as neuts (neuter sophonts) who do not have any form of sexual desire. This may be a natural psychological trait or a deliberate act of psychological or neurological modification.

Note that (unlike asexuals) a small, but significant, number of neuts are capable of sexual desire, even lust, despite having no sexual organs. Such individuals are often capable of having satisfactory sex lives.

Although they do not 'lust' for one another, Asexuals can and do have feelings of platonic love and many feel joy at having children. In order to have children, asexuals can adopt, or use cloning or artificial genetic blending to produce offspring. Since they have no reproductive organs they must use artificial reproduction technology or engeneration to reproduce.

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Text by Michael Beck, with additions by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 07 October 2001.